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"Konst på hög" means something like "Art on a Hill" or "A pile of art" in English, it is kind of a play upon words. It is an exhibition of sculptures on top of a 100 meter high hill. It is located in Kumla, Sweden. If you ever travel to Sweden, don't miss this unique exhibition. In the summer time you can drive your car and park on the top, in winter time you have to walk to the top. "Konst på Hög" has been open every summer since 1998 with new additions each year.

"Konst på hög" is open all days May to September, opening hours 10:00 - 20:00. The coffee shop on top of the hill is open 10:00 - 17:00.

You can still visit "Konst på hög" when it is closed but you need to park your car outside the gate and walk the stairs to the top. Just take it easy and take the time to rest. It is well worth the effort. In addition you will have a beautiful view over the very flat landscape in the area. Park here.

About this page: This is a private fan page about "Konst på Hög". Visit Kumla kommun for the official info (only Swedish language - sorry...).

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How to find your way to Kvarntorp, Kumla, Sweden?
Kumla is located right between the big cities Stockholm and Gothenburg along the road E20. About two hours in car from Stockholm. There is a hotel and a camping site convenient situated in central Kumla. In Örebro, 20 km north of Kumla, are more camping and hotel alternatives. Klicka för att se en karta!When you are in Kumla or Örebro, follow this map to find your way to Kvarntorp and "Konst på hög". Kvarntorp is located about 10 km east of Kumla. Just click on the map to get a big image that you can print out.

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